Chinook Fly Fishing

BCs monster Chinook are found in the coastal rivers of from mid August through late September and come in the 15-50lbs range. We offer trips on the Pitt River and the Squamish area.

Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

Chinook fishing guides

The Chinook salmon also known as King or Tyee, is the largest of the Pacific Salmon species. Chinook are also called Spring salmon because they return to their natal rivers to spawn earlier than other salmon species. The Chinook are blue-green, red or purple on the back; they spend an average of 3-4 years in the ocean before returning to their natal river to spawn, but can be at sea for up to 8 years. The largest recorded sport catch was over 97 lbs!

Method: Dead drift sink tip line with weighted flies. Swinging the end of the drift.

Gear: 8-12 Wt Spey Rod or 10+ Weight single hand. Type III Sink Tip Lines.


  • Large leeches, and articulating leeches (Black/green/red)
  • Egg Sucking leech
  • Various Egg patterns
  • Mickey Finn


Fish for Chinook at some of these feature locations: