Fly Fishing in Roatan, Honduras


Fly Fishing Vacation on an Exotic Island once inhabited by Pirates.

Roatan is the largest of the Honduran Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea at 60 km long and located just off of the North coast of mainland Honduras. It has a fascinating history having been occupied by British and Spanish invaders and Pirates. Yes Pirates! Just east of modern day Port Royal was the site of a significant Pirate settlement in the 1700’s. This is the current site of our Fly Fishing Lodge on Roatan.

An enormous sand flat protects Port Royal by restricting the access of ships from entering the harbour. This gave the Pirate community plenty of time to prepare for an invasion. That same flat can be teaming with tailing bonefish and sits right out front of our lodge. Schools of hundreds of bonefish will test your ability to stay calm and lay down that perfect cast. With many more flats surrounding the south and north sides of the island means that you can always find one that is sheltered from the wind.

The East End flats offer some of the best fishing in the Caribbean. Double digit Bonefish, abundant Permit and resident and migratory Tarpon make it an ideal destination for the fly fisherman.


Our host lodge in Port Royal is an ECO friendly and completely off the grid lodge, powered by solar and wind!

  • 5  beautiful cabanas suspended above the water
  • 2 main lodge rooms
  • Full restaurant and bar
  • 3 meals/day included

The lodge offers all inclusive accommodation and fishing packages.  Daily fishing rates are available if staying somewhere else on the island.


Daily Guided Fly Fishing

A Typical Day

The guide will meet you at the dock in Oakridge. Fishing starts early.  Just after first light you will set out with your guide to bonefish flat close to the pick up point and fish for an hour or so. From there you will travel the 15 minute panga ride to the Breakfast Flat a half mile in front of the lodge. This flat is usually teaming with bonefish. A full Breakfast is served at the Lodge. Pick up your boxed lunch and beverages and then head to fish for the rest of the day. The guide will have you back at the dock around 4:30pm.


All Inclusive Lodge Fishing Package: 7 Days & 6 Nights

The Lodge offers private, comfortable accommodations in Port Royal harbor on Roatan’s East End. We provide an intimate and enjoyable experience for all our guests in a traditional lodge environment.

The over the water cabanas allow you to truly get away from it all, no noise just the gentle lap of the waves.

Mango Creek Lodge offers six over-the-water cabanas and three lodge rooms for our overnight guests. Cabanas are each outfitted with one queen bed and one single bed, lodge rooms vary from one king to one queen with a single. 

All-Inclusive Fishing packages includes:

  • Lodging.
  • All food. 3 meals per day.
  • All beverages including alcohol.
  • Boat Transportation to and from Lodge
  • 6 days guided fly fishing.

What to Bring

  • Its always a good idea to bring light weight rain gear... just in case.
  • Good flats wading boots
  • Gravel guards for sand
  • Polarized sun glasses
  • Long sleeved UPF rated shirt
  • Quick dry fishing pants & shorts
  • Sun gloves
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats
  • Waterproof camera
  • Day bag


Fly fishing supplies on Roatan are not available to purchase, so bring more than less.


Average: 15-30lbs.

Rods: 10-12wt rods with floating Tarpon tapers,
Intermediate Tropical Sink Tip

Leader: 30lb leader with 80-100lbs bite tippets


Black Death
Purple Death
Tarpon Toad
Red/White Tarpon Fly


Average: 8-15lbs.

Rods: 10-11wt with tropical/permit floating line.

Leader: 10-12 foot 12-15lb tapered fluorocarbon leaders.


  • Merkin Crab (tan, olive, chartreuse) #4-6
  • Mother of Epoxy (white, pink, brown) #4-6
  • Mantis shrimp patterns (olive, tan) #4
  • Spawning Shrimp #4, Clouser Minnows (chartreuse and white) #2


Average: 1-4lbs.

Rods: 8wt with bonefish taper floating lines.

Leaders: 8-10 foot 10lb tapered fluorocarbon leaders. 10-12lb tippet.


  • Bonefish Bitters (orange/olive, amber, chartreuse) #6-10,
  • Puffs (pink, white, or tan) #4-8
  • Gotchas (gold & pearl)# 4-8
  • Crazy Charlies (tan, pink, white & brown) #8-10
  • Clouser Minnows (tan, olive) #4-8