Bull Trout

Salvelinus confluentus

(Up to 20lbs)

bullThe Bull trout is a char of the Salmonidae family whose head is much larger than other Salmonids, and they’re just as aggressive as their namesakes. The Bull Trout has a grey to olive body colour highlighted by yellow to crimson spots and flash white on the leading edges of the fins. They feast on salmon spawn in coastal rivers each spring, and head into cooler waters as things heat up. Bull trout can be hard to find, but once located are easy to attract with big flies.

Method: Sink Tip lines with weighted flies. Fast sink V lines.

Gear: 7-8 wt rods with Fast sink lines.


  • Egg Sucking Leach
  • Wooly Buggers
  • Kelsey's Hope
  • Muddlers
  • Zonkers

Fish for Bull trout at some of the following locations: