Coho's range in size from 8-12lbs and are abundant during the early fall in the coastal rivers of BC. Check out our feature locations including  in the Squamish area, Pitt River, Fraser and Harrison. 


Oncorhynchus kisutch

Coho salmon are also called Silver salmon due to their flashy coloration in their adult ocean phase. During the spawning phase, they shift to bright red flanks with bluish-green heads and backs and dark spots. Mature females tend to be darker than males, but both develop hooked jaws and teeth in the fall spawning phase.  Coho return to coastal rivers from October through January.

Method: Dead drift sink tip line with weighted flies. Swinging the end of the drift.

Gear: 6-8 Wt. Spey Rod or 7-8 Weight single hand. Type III Sink Tip lines.

Spey castingFlies:

  • Egg Sucking Leeches
  • Rolled Muddler
  • X-Mas Tree
  • Coho Blue
  • Kelsey's Hope
  • Mickey Finn



Fish for Coho at some of these feature locations: