Fly Fishing Andros Island

Fly Fishing Bonefish Andros IslandAndros Island is far and away the most spectacular destination in the Bahamas to target large bonefish. The fisheries success is due in large part to a healthy habitat and a progressive fisheries management community that recognizes the economic value of Andros as an international fly fishing destination.

With easy access from anywhere in North America, Andros is the ideal destination to begin your flats fishing career or to pursue double digit bonefish, permit and tarpon. Andros welcomes everyone with a friendly smile and incredible flats fishing.

We have 2 guides in North Andros that we believe are 2 of the best flats guides in the world!!

Both have huge infectious smiles and personalities. Both know the island and it’s fishing inside and out. They were born on Andros and have spent most of their lives with either a fly rod or a push pole in their hands.

They are equipped with some of the best flats boats you will find anywhere. Action Craft and Hell’s Bay flats boats with enough power to get you to the flats in comfort and in a hurry. These boats are able to get to the flats and creeks when many others are stuck at the dock.

Being part of Andros fly fishing royalty, our guides will help make your stay an adventure that you will want to experience again and again.


Why Use a Guide

The benefits of using a fly fishing guide are obvious to those who frequent their services. To those who don’t, it seems like an expensive excess. Having travelled the world visiting many fly-fishing destinations we know the benefits of employing a good fly fishing guide. They are invaluable.

Do-It-Yourself fly-fishing can be rewarding, especially when you are able to catch a fish using your own wits. However, Do-It-Yourself requires a lot of pre trip preparation, exploration, trial and error, failure and hopefully some successful hook ups.

Using a great fly fishing guide gets you directly to the fish in places that are otherwise inaccessible. When the fishing in that location stalls you can quickly be moved to a better location and be back on fish in moments. The encyclopedia of local flats, techniques, flies and leaders is in the boat with you. Think of shots at 20 to 30 fish a day and landing 15 to 20. Think of shots at Permit and Tarpon.

Finding the time for fly-fishing travel is difficult for most. Make the most of your time and money. Experience everything you can. Catch lots of fish. Life is short!


Shawn Fly Fishing Guide Benry Fly Fishing Guide

Our guides are far and away the best and most experienced guides on North Andros. When assessing the quality of a guide we look for a number of qualities and attributes:

  • Must be safety conscious and put the well being of the anglers first and foremost.
  • Must be inclusive and conscious of the abilities and limitations of the client.
  • Must be reliable and on time.
  • Must have outstanding knowledge of the area and fishery.
  • Must have outstanding knowledge of techniques, flies and equipment.
  • Ability to change plans and have exceptional alternatives to accommodate for weather and tidal conditions.
  • Ability to consistently put the angler on big fish.
  • The ability to maneuver the flats boat into a position that allows the fly fisherman the best position to deliver the cast.
  • Ability to give calm, friendly and clear instructions.
  • Shows a willingness to embrace and teach both the new and the experienced saltwater fly fisherman.
  • A friendly personality that makes you feel comfortable and makes each day on the water an enjoyable and memorable experience.
  • Someone that becomes your friend not just your guide.
  • They must have the equipment, the skills, the personality and demeanor to justify the cost.

Our guides have all of these traits and more!

Meme Andros Bonefish2 WebBonefish: Year Round

The bonefishing is exceptional all year round in Andros.

Bones in the 5 – 6 lb. range are the norm. However, each day you will certainly have shots at bigger fish in the 8 to 10 lb. + range. The fish in Andros are not leader shy. With large fish always being a possibility the guides recommend 16 lb. fluorocarbon leaders for bonefish. When fishing from the boat you will typically be in 2 to 3 feet of water. The guides like the fly to sink into sight within 3 seconds to be able to have the best chance at a hook up. With this in mind it’s important to have a variety of weighted flies. Some with dumbbell eyes. Some with large bead chain eyes and some with medium bead chain eyes for tailing fish in skinnier water.

8wt fast action fly rods with a floating Bonefish taper line. 16 lb. fluorocarbon tapered leader.

Flies: #2 and #4 weighted dumbbell or large eye flies. Tan Crazy Charlie’s with rubber legs, Gotchas, Gotchas with rubber legs, EP Spawning Shrimp.

Permit: May though October.

Andros is not known as a permit destination however, Permit show up on the west side flats in late April and can be found through July and less frequently through the fall.

10wt fast action rods with a floating saltwater/permit taper line. 20 – 25 lb. fluorocarbon tapered leader.

Flies: #2 Flexo-Crab, Merkin Crab. EP Descendant Crab Tan, EP Mini Tarantula Crab.

Tarpon: May through October.

Large tarpon can be found in the creeks and west side flats beginning in May with the peak season being May and June.

12wt fast action rods with a floating Tarpon Taper line. 40 lbs. fluorocarbon leader with an 80 -100 lbs. fluorocarbon tippet.

Flies: 1/0 and 2/0 Black and Orange Cockroach, Green Tarpon Toad, Black Death.

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