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Fly Fishing in Cuba

Fly-fishing in Cuba should be on every fly angler’s short list. It’s a unique culture with unbelievable saltwater flats fishing. In the last few years, since the US position on Cuba has begun to evolve, many Fly Fishing travel agencies have jumped on board to begin offering Cuba as a viable and accessible fly-fishing destination. All have taken the opportunity to benefit from the changing tides. However, they all offer exactly the same experience. They all promote the same locations operated by one company.

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Cayo Coco, Cuba Hurricane Irma Update

Hurricane Irma devastated Cayo Coco on September 8, 2017. Most if not all of the resorts on the island were heavily damaged.

The Cuban government and the hotel management companies have worked tirelessly to re-build and repair the damage as quickly as possible. Most hotels have now re-opened and the few remaining hotels will re-open by mid November. The causeway to the island was damaged but repaired within a few days to enable workers and supplies to get to the island. The airport terminal although significantly damaged has been repaired and is now accepting flights into Jardines Del Rey/Cayo Coco airport. Some tour operators and airlines have already resumed flights. Check with your tour operator or airline to see when they will resume normal operations. Or you may contact us for an up to date list.

Our team in Cayo Paredon had moved the boats from the island to the mainland in advance of the hurricane. The dock and buildings at the dock facility were destroyed but have been rebuilt.

As for the fishing, storms of this magnitude often improve the fishing. They can move a lot of sand around with the storm surge and tidal movements that can actually increase the size of the flats that we fish. Time will tell.

Our guides and support staff are ready to get back to work and to welcome you back to Cayo Coco, Cuba.


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Skeena River Steelhead Fly Fishing

Currently we have only 2 Prime Time weeks available for the 2017 Steelhead Season. There are 8 rods with accommodations available for each of the two weeks: September 2 – 9 and October 21 – 29

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