Oncorhynchus keta


chumThe Chum salmon is also called the Keta or Dog salmon due to it’s unique head shape and appearance. Chum look similar to Coho and Sockeye in the ocean phase with blue, green and silver bodies. However, as they enter the rivers, the spawning colours emerge and purples, green and pink take over. They are the latest spawning species with a season that begins in October and goes to December.

Method: Dead drift sink tip line with weighted flies. Swinging the end of the drift.

Gear: 6-9 Wt. Spey Rod or 7-9 Weight single hand. Type III-V Sink Tip Lines


  • Weighted Large leeches, and articulating leeches (green/black/red)
  • Egg Sucking leech
  • Vaious Egg patterns
  • Cowhichan Special
  • Popsicle Leech


Fish for Chum at some of the following locations: