(Red Salmon or Blue Back Salmon. Kokanee are landlocked Sockeye salmon.)

Oncorhynchus nerka


sockeyThe name sockeye is believed to be derived from the Coast Salish First Nations name Suk-kegh which means red fish. Ocean Sockeye are silver in colour with black freckles, but their spawning colours are a brilliant shade of red with a green head. Sockeye enter the rivers along the BC coast from June to November. Every 4 years there is a phenomenon called cyclical dominance. This is a year where sockeye returns are more abundant than other years; 2014 is the next dominant year.

Method: Dead drift sink tip line with weighted flies. Swinging the end of the drift.

Gear: 6-8 Wt. Spey Rod or 7-8 Weight single hand. Type III-V Sink Tip Lines.


  • Large Black and Green leeches
  • Rolled Muddler
  • Kelsey's Hope
  • Clousers, green/ white


Fish for Sockeye and other salmon species at some of the following locations: