Variety Rules!

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In Fly Fishing Variety is Everything


Tell anyoneP1010510 that you fly fish, and inevitably this question arises.  “So what’s your favorite place in to fish”.

I’ve struggled with this question, and even had many a debate over the merits of many different locations, fish, and styles of fly fishing.  So here is my conclusion… and I warn you this might seem like a cop-out, but variety is the Key for me.  I have no absolute favorite.

The art of fly fishing,… or the sport,… or the hobby is to me the pursuit of excellence.  The beauty of the sport is the overt fact that, perfection is virtually impossible, and continued improvement is the name of the game.  If I wanted to sit on a dock and drink beer all day, I’d slap a worm on a hook and pull up a lawn chair.  Fly fishing offers much more than that.  It involves hours of research, hundreds of different casting styles, thousands of different line set ups, flies and water types.  I know that I’ll never reach perfection in any of the single disciplines, but I also know that it is always going to give me a reason to keep learning.

Whether dead drifting a size 16 Caddis down a juicy seam on an interior river in BC, swinging a blue charm out of a Restigouche river canoe, or creeping silently along a big blue flat in Cuba in search of permit and bonefish… they are all great!  Seeing a trout rise to, not only a fly that you have presented perfectly after a 50 yard cast across 3 current seams, but a fly that you have tied yourself and chosen out of the myriad of options,… is awesome!  Sneaking up on a lone cruising bonefish and planting the perfect 100 foot cast right on his nose, strip setting and seeing him take 200 yards of backing in 10 seconds is incredible!  Feeling a steelhead absolutely hammer a swinging articulating leech and seeing the water explode with chrome, is unreal… Having a 20-30 lb. Atlantic salmon leaping 4 ft. high in the water after you bring him up to a dry fly,… AHHH!!!  How can there be only one?


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