Skeena River All-Inclusive Cabins

Steelhead Fly-Fishing at its Finest.

Imagine a 5 star camping experience overlooking the banks of the famed Skeena River. Lodging includes your exclusive use of a 2 seater 4 X 4 ATV to travel up and down 9 kms of Skeena waterfront to access some of the best Steelhead pools and runs in British Columbia.

Stay in comfort. Fish at your own pace. 

The Skeena River is British Columbia’s second largest river and one of the most important Salmon and Steelhead Rivers in the world. The legendary salmon and steelhead runs of the world famous Skeena are literally at your doorstep. Our property has 4 kilometers of exclusive riverfront, with an additional 5 kilometers of abutting public land. All the runs are easily reached with the ATVs.

There is also a year-round salmon spawning stream that flows through the property, which is home to Cutthroat Trout, Dolly Varden, Rainbow Trout and Coho Salmon.



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Combining the appeal of sleeping in the outdoors with the creature comforts of a fine hotel, the lodging re-defines “camping”.

Situated in secluded and private settings, each of our 4 spacious tents feature two outdoor decks and a wood-fired hot tub.

The (864 sq. ft.) “Tents” are insulated, smoke-free, and feature hardwood floors, leather furniture, fine linens, propane heaters, remote start generators, showers and full kitchen facilities.

Each tent/cabin includes three bedrooms: two large bedrooms with queen-sized beds, and one smaller bedroom furnished with a twin-sized bed. Maximum capacity per tent is 5 adults: two couples and a single.

Daily housekeeping services are included. If you have forgotten anything let us know and we will make sure that it is delivered to your cabin.


Delicious portion of fresh salmon fillet with aromatic herbs,We strive to make your culinary experience as outstanding as the fishing.

During your stay, you call the shots for the meals and times that suit your schedule the best.

Breakfast and lunches can be ready to go in the fridge and dinners will be prepped as much as possible and delivered to you.  You just need to follow our simple final instructions and enjoy a decadent meal at the time you choose.

We strive to provide garden fresh vegetables in your personal pantry that are grown right on the property, or purchased from local producers. Please let us know if you have any food restrictions or preferences in advance. Along with the fully appointed kitchen, each tent is also furnished with a BBQ for outdoor grilling.

Grilled sirloin steak with grilled vegetables and carrot saladOur food is as unique as the accommodation.

There are no set meal times as you decide when to cook. The exquisite table fare is delivered to your tent daily with full instructions on how to cook it at your convenience. If the fishing is hot until 9pm, keep going! There’s no reason to stop for pre-arranged dinner times.

Each day, our housekeeping staff will replenish your stock items, clean up and do your dishes so all you have to worry about is enjoying your time in the outdoors.



Unbelievable Value

This is an unprecedented value for exceptional Steelhead and Salmon fishing on the fabled Skeena River. The fishing, accommodation and setting will blow your mind!

Fishing trips to the Skeena can cost an arm & a leg. If you plan to go to one of the many outstanding lodges that offer full service accommodations and guided fishing you can expect to pay upwards of $4000 per person for a weeks stay. If you decide that you would rather book your own accommodations and book a guide separately expect to pay $700+ per day for the guide alone. Many of the Skeena guides are jet boat cowboys. They are more excited about racing up and down the river than they are with putting you on fish. If you decide to head to the Skeena on your own and fish the public accessible waters expect to be shoulder to shoulder with all of the other fisherman (bait chucker’s included) that had the same idea.

What if you had 4 kms of exclusive Skeena River pools, the use of a 4 X 4 ATV to access those pools, a personal and secluded 3 bedroom 5 star camping lodge on the banks of the Skeena and a culinary experience unrivaled in any of the best restaurants or lodges? What if that experience cost less than half of your other options? Which would you choose?

Steelhead Seasons

Skeena Fly FishingThe Summer Steelhead runs start to show up in the Skeena in mid to late July and run into the mid September. The BC weather can be outstanding at this time of the year. Don’t believe what everyone says about BC. The summer and early fall is usually sunny and warm. The mornings in the mountains can be cool so bring your fleece jacket. By mid day once the sun hits the river it can be warm short sleeve shirt weather. Light layering is key to an enjoyable day.

The Fall Steelhead season starts in September and winds up towards the end of October. This is a magical time in the mountains of BC. The fall colours, cool mornings and comfortable afternoons make it one of the best times to be on the river. The Summer Steelhead are still in the river and rain on the coast can push fresh fish up into the system.

The Winter Steelhead season is the witching hour! Usually starting the beginning of November this is classic Steelhead weather. Cold days, snow on the peaks and pools full of wild massive steelhead.

 Steelhead on the Skeena run in the 8 to 20 lb range on average.

As much as Steelhead are the Prize of the Skeena, starting in July the Chinook, Sockeye, Chum and Pink Salmon enter the river. And in September the Coho Salmon begin their annual migration.


Primarily wet fly presentations are used. Casts are made at a 90 to 45 degree angle across the pool depending on how deep the pattern needs to be within the water column.

Spey rods webEquipment

Rods: 7-9 wt double and single-handed rods.

Line: Steelhead/salmon floating line with Skagit interchangeable sink tips in varying sink rates. 30 lbs backing is key to not loosing an expensive fly line.

Leader: 8 to 15lbs Maxima Ultra Green.


Prawn style flies in sizes 4 to 3/0 (General Practitioner)

Marabou and Bunny Leaches in sizes 4 to 3/0. Black, Purple and Pink.

Crystal Leech Variant

Egg Patterns

Bubble Gum Popsicle

Getting There

By Car

We are located off Hwy 16 between the towns of Smithers and Terrace, BC, approximately 7 kms west of Seeley Lake.

By Air

The two closest airports are located in the towns of Smithers and Terrace, BC. Guests receive a preferred rate from Hawkair on a one-way fare from Vancouver to Smithers. Contact us for details.


Peak Season (August, September, October): $395.00 per person / per night. Based on double occupancy.

Regular Season (July & November): $335.00 per person / per night. Based on double occupancy.

Rates include:

3 Bedroom Cabin/Tent accommodation.

Exclusive use of a covered, 4×4 Polaris Ranger side by side ATV.

Self-guided fishing (subject to BC Fishing regulations)

Food for three meals and snacks each day.

Daily housekeeping.

The package does not include fly-fishing guides, but should you wish to hire a guide, we have several great guides that we can recommend. Rates and availability are subject to each individual guide.

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