St. Andrew’s, Scotland

Atlantic Salmon Fishing near St. Andrew's Scotland

St AndrewsHeading to Scotland to golf at St. Andrew’s, Carnoustie or Murfield? Or just doing a tour of Edinburgh and Scotland? Why not live a dream and include a day or two of Atlantic Salmon fishing?

As St. Andrew’s is revered as the home of golf, the rivers of Scotland are revered as the birthplace of Atlantic Salmon fishing and certainly the home of Spey Casting. Famous rivers like the Spey, Tay, Dee and Tweed hold historic relevance for all Atlantic Salmon fly-fishers.

In less than an hour drive from St. Andrew’s you can find yourself Spey casting on a classic Scottish river for Atlantic Salmon. The river is wide and wadeable. The surroundings are serene with a beautifully well-maintained beat that includes a brand new fishing hut at the rivers edge with Internet access. Hey an Internet café on the banks of a Scottish Salmon river. What could be better?

TayThe beat includes some 20 pools on just over a mile of river. Our Ghillie is an SGAIC qualified casting instructor and team rod designer for one of the UK’s premiere rod manufacturers. If you have never used a spey rod or want to improve your skills our ghillie will be happy to provide patient guidance to make your day an enjoyable and rewarding outing.

The season runs from the beginning of January through the end of October. Prime months are August through October, but there are fish in the river throughout the season.  There is an availability of up to 5 rods per day and prices vary depending upon the season. Regardless of the season, it is a very affordable day of amazing Atlantic Salmon fishing.

A round at the Old Course and a day of Atlantic Salmon Fishing in Scotland, sounds like a dream. We can help make it happen.

Tay SalmonAccommodations

If you are going to St. Andrew’s and are looking for accommodation. Let us know. We have access to a number of homes for rent with a housekeeper/manager that can assist you with all of your local travel, dining and activity demands.

What to Bring

Tay Salmon2Waders, Fleece long underwear and rain gear. Waders and rods are available upon advanced request.

Rods 7-8-9 wt Spey Rod with Floating and Sink Tip selection.

Leader 10 or 12lbs leader

Flies Spring: Size 2,4.6 Willie Gunn, Cascade, Temple Dog in black, orange and yellow combinations. Summer: Size 8,10,12 Willie Gunn, Cascade, Temple Dog in black, orange and yellow combinations. As well as Ali Shrimp, Sunray shadows and Monkey patterns. Fall: Size 2,4.6 Willie Gunn, Cascade, Temple Dog in black, orange and yellow combinations. Red and Black Francis patterns.

Salmon Fishing in Scotland

Daily Rod rates vary depending on the time of the year.

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