Elk River & Area – 2 Person Drift

The Elk is simply famous in fly fishing circles worldwide. Originating from the Elk lakes near the continental divide in the Rocky Mountains, The Elk runs straight through the town of Fernie. Known for it’s stunning landscape and colossal hatches, the Elk offers some of the best dry fly fishing in the world.



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What to Expect

Elk River & Fernie Fly Fishing As the area dry fly scene heats up with the air temperature, fishing on the Elk or Fernie area rivers begins decently at approximately 10am. If you are mobile, you can meet us at a predetermined spot on the river, or our guides would be more than happy to pick you up from your hotel, campsite, or barstool if necessary. From there your journey will begin in one of our Hyde Drift boats. They typically accommodate one Guide/rower and 2 Fisher-people (AKA "sticks"). Expect a 5-7 hour drift through the most beautiful terrain on earth. Depending on your skill level with a Fly and how the river is fishing, expect a 10-30 fish day (seriously), the numbers only get better with your arm endurance and ability to go without lunch or p-break, cause you just can't stop catching fish! If you choose a Walk and Wade package on either Michel Creek, the Fording or Old Man, know that waders are preferred and expect to be trekking through some bush and stone. You will cast to boulders, log jams, down straight runs, into holes, under branches, …the full meal deal! Bring Flies if you like, our guides may even let you use them,… but we will have everything you need in terms of flies, and leader material. We recommend a 4-6 weight rod, with a matched dry line. Waders are not 100% necessary, but advisable, and Lunch will be provided by your guide…. except alcoholic bevies of course, that's on you. The Elk river, Michelle, Fording, St Marys and Oldman rivers are WORLD famous, and by far the best dry fly rivers in BC, if not Canada. The average Westslope Cutthroat ranges between 12-18 inches, with Bull Trout from 1-10 lbs.

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