Curtis is one of the most outstanding fly fishing guides we’ve ever had the pleasure to drift the Elk River with.

Cutthroat-Fly-Fishing-Guide-Elk-RIverThe consumate professional he knows his ecology of the area and how to pack a lunch. He also knows where the fish are.

Originally from Toronto, Curtis stompin’ grounds stretch across the Southern Interior of the province and he’s equally versed in the ways of the Elk River as he is the Columbia, Slocan and Salmo Rivers. He’s been casting his rod for over 25 years and guiding for 15.

Although Curtis specializes in Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Bulltrout, Brown Trout his favorite to fish for, hands down, is Cutthroat.

If you’re booking trips on the Elk River or the Columbia River, you’ll probably get a chance to spend some time with this guide.