Fly Fishing in BC: Cast (your vote) for Wild Salmon!

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UPDATE: It is election time in British Columbia and our politicians are starting to make commitments to protect our wild salmon from effects of salmon farms. This is the key moment where fly fishing guides and enthusiasts in BC can add their voice and help save our wild salmon forever.

Alexandra Morton a marine biologist and environmentalist has extensively studied the effects of salmon farming on the  wild fish stocks of the Pacific North West. Here she lays out what the voting public can do and there’s a link to her petition at the bottom of this page:

Here is where you come in – tell BC political candidates that you support them in removing salmon farms.  The Province of BC can terminate salmon feedlot Licences of Occupation in 60 days, with no compensation to the companies, if it is in the public interest.   This is the only way we will actually protect Pacific wild salmon from salmon feedlot disease.

In 2 weeks the province of British Columbia will go to the polls, and one of the crucial issues as far as we’re concerned are wild salmon stocks. One of the key advocates for wild salmon is Alexandra Morton, featured in the film anyone who enjoys fly fishing in BC should see,  Salmon Confidential, that we wrote about a few weeks ago. Alex began her life in Canada through her work as a biologist studying orcas in the Broughton Archipelago, and was instrumental in documenting both residential and transient populations.

Her relationship with the peak predators also connected her to their prey in a profound way, so when she witnessed the numerous negative effects salmon farming was having on the wild fish stocks beginning in the late 80s, she was moved to action. Her scientific work now focuses on Pacific salmon, and includes documenting the loss of whales, the effects that the escaped Atlantic salmon have had on Pacific species, lethal outbreaks of sea lice, and antibiotic resistance that arises in species near salmon farms.

Alexandra is sharply critical of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and analyses the approach each party is taking towards salmon policy.

When British Columbians go to the polls, as fly fishing guides and enthusiasts, Holy Waters wants our wild salmon stocks to be on the agenda. Here’s a link to Alexandra’s petition on, to Restore wild salmon, Ban salmon Feedlots in BC.