Fly Fishing on Earth Day

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It’s Earth Day and while we usually grab any garbage we see on the river anyway, today is a good reminder of how important it is for fly fishing enthusiasts to be stewards out on the water.

Fish stocks are alive and well on the Pitt River
Fish stocks are alive and well on the Pitt River

If you’ve travelled almost anywhere else in the world,  you know how damn lucky we are in BC to still have pristine waters that are full of fish instead of plastic debris, bottles, cans, sewage and toxins that kill the ecology and the subsequent fish stocks. The sheer size and abundance of the fish populations are a tribute to managing our rivers successfully.

Most fly fishermen I know are ecologists at heart and take on responsibility not only for the quality of the environment  but protecting stocks from getting over fished. An active group from Trout Unlimited on the Kettle River in BC are actively patrolling for poachers and educating fly fishermen on the catch and release policy there. It’s reassuring that good people are actively taking responsibility to protect our rivers and resources.

And it’s more than just fishermen doing the work. Kayakers and whitewater rafting outfits keep an eye things while streamkeeper organizations bring a range of people, motivated by their love of the water to regularly take care of our rivers and shorelines.

Are you a fly fishing enthusiast or a fly fishing guide doing something to help out in your watershed? You can check out your local organization and pitch in this spring, or check out the BC Rivers Day event nearest you on September 22 for ways to get involved.