Epic Fail in Tofino

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I was interested in salmon fishing and my partner Pete had heard great things about Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I was stoked to try something new and my wife Leslie and and Pete’s wife, Miyoko, both experienced fly fishermen, were excited about spending a day on big water.

We asked around and were introduced to a guide who agreed to take us boat casting for schooling salmon. We were pretty up front about our expectations, number one being that we were fly fishermen and only interested in fly fishing. He assured us that he could deliver the goods.

Now it is possible to fly fish for schooling salmon off the coast, but the timing has to be perfect. After about 100 casts and then a move to a kelp bed we were having no luck. And that’s when the captain offered us down riggers.

I’m not some kind of prima donna but I am a passionate fly fisherman and not the least interested in down rigging  Furthermore, when I checked the other end of the boat I saw that Leslie and Miyoko had been handed bait rods and they were jigging the bottom, bringing up the great big ugly fish. We were suppose to be fishing for Coho but our guide had decided that since that wasn’t going to happen, he’d try to appease us by making sure we caught something.

I’m really not that difficult and it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy but here I found myself in another case of being clear about my expectations and then not being delivered what I was promised. We ended up paying the guy $700 for the day and left bitter that we didn’t get what we asked for. We should have gone whale watching.

That’s where Holy Waters comes in. This experience, which has mirrored others I’ve had is exactly what we’re trying to avoid and help other people avoid. If you want to do that kind of fishing, that’s great and it’s available. But if you’re serious about fly fishing, then at Holy Waters we’re going to make sure that’s exactly what you get.

Being passionate fly fishermen ourselves we actually go out and fish with the guides that we recommend through our site. Know that when you book a trip through Holy Waters you’re going to get the best guides at the best prices that make customer service and safety their top priority.