How to find a good fly fishing guide

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I think it’s fair to say that  Stephen and I are fly fishing fanatics. We’ve fished different species all over the world and extensively in British Columbia. However, over and over again the search for reliable and professional fly fishing guides who knows the waters has proven to be a shot on the dark. You could also read about World record bluegill and try getting that in your next expedition.

To be real, there’s a lot of really great guides out there. The problem is they’re not necessarily great marketers. Online searches can turn up guides on nearly every fishing location but it doesn’t necessarily turn up the best. So much anticipation and planning go into a fly fishing vacation that you want to be sure that if you are hiring a guide, you’re getting a good one.

Stephen and I have about 40 years of fly fishing between us and have experienced the best and worst case scenarios during our own fly fishing trips. When expectations aren’t met, it’s a costly disappointment.

From our experiences we began to recognized a void between fishermen looking for easy access to tested and professional fly fishing guides, and great guides who don’t have a presence online.

We created the  Holy Waters website so people search by prefered location or by species of fish. When you book your trip based on these two criteria you’re ensured a guide that has been vetted by us. It’s a bit of a bonus to our job because we go out and spend time on the river with the guides ourselves and only guides who are courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and safety conscious are included on Holy Waters. Our mission is to provide fly fishermen, whether you’re experienced or a total beginner, that you have the best time possible with the best guide possible.